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Unique supplementsUni-Vite - because you can't compromise on health

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Your health really is your most precious asset. And the quality of your nutritional intake directly affects your longevity and quality of life.

This small but advanced range of supplements has been created by health scientists with a world reputation, notably Dr Paul Clayton, and independently tested to have noticeable effects on your health.

Uni-Vite has been developing nutritional products in the UK for over 25 years. You can be confident that each item and ingredient is of the highest quality, containing optimum effective levels of all the active nutrients.

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NutriShield Premium
NutriShield is a unique daily food supplement combination of scientifically researched health-protective nutrients. It's your assurance of optimum nutrition.
PREMIUM (6 caplets) for over 50s

NutriShield Essentials
ESSENTIALS (3 caplets) for under 50s


Boost your immune system at a time when anti-bacterial and anti-viral drugs are losing their effectiveness. We've combined the two powerful immuno-modulators 1,3 1,6 beta glucans and beta sitosterol in a unique formula.


JointShield is designed first to stop inflammation and then to assist the process of repair with natural nutritional ingredients For arthritis, joints, cartilage, tendons.

MicroBiotic Plus

MicroBiotic Plus is a unique new blend of probiotic high potency, live, multi-strain good bacteria with natural prebiotic plant fibres.

Vitamin D3

  Vitamin D
Vitamin D supplements are now widely recommended by health professionals and government experts, including Public Health England. Our version is 2,000IU/50mcg of natural Vitamin D3 in a micro capsule.

Health books

  NutriShield Premium
Selected books on nutrition and health.
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