Probiotics have multiple health benefits

August 20, 2019By Colin RoseProbiotic supplements

New studies on probiotics for brain, immune system, allergies, blood pressure, weight loss; even rheumatism New studies on probiotics show even more benefits than originally thought. No lesser authorities than Harvard Medical School and Scientific American have both published lengthy reports on probiotics in the last few weeks (Summer 2019). They significantly extend the list … Read More

Probiotics for depression

May 22, 2018By Colin RoseProbiotic supplements

Meet the psychobiotics The right strain and level of probiotics can enable you to handle stress better, lift mood and help lower depression and anxiety. That’s the conclusion from a randomised trial published in Nutrition and a series of articles published in Biological Psychiatry. The results were sufficiently convincing for the authors to coin the … Read More

Probiotics can boost effectiveness of flu shots

January 17, 2018By Colin RoseProbiotic supplements

Probiotics can boost effectiveness of flu shots Preventing flu not only saves misery – it saves lives, especially in the most vulnerable populations like children and the elderly. However, even vaccination is not guaranteed to prevent you from catching the flu. Making a vaccine takes time and vaccine makers don’t know until the flu season … Read More

Choose the best probiotic supplement

December 19, 2017By Colin RoseProbiotic supplements

Major new research identifies the most effective probiotics The explosion of interest in probiotics follows major new research on the role of the microbiome and microbiota – the colonies of bacteria that live in our intestines. The make-up of the microbes that live in your gut is crucial to your health. Of particular importance is … Read More