Probiotics get the best nutrition out of food

So it's not only WHAT you eat that's important; it's that your gut has the right good bacteria to extract the best nutrition from your food.

The latest research shows that the ‘friendly bacteria’ in the best probiotic supplements can:

• Prevent stomach upsets during foreign travel
• Alleviate candida and yeast infections
• Significantly lessen IBS symptoms
• Re-balance your intestinal ‘flora’ after a course of antibiotics
• Relieve anxiety and depression
• Even increase your rate of weight loss on a diet

Quite a list!

Plus 70% of your immune system is directly regulated by your gut – so probiotics are also vital to maintaining a strong immune system.

But how can they possibly affect such very different aspects of your health?

The reason is that probiotics are the ‘friendly bacteria’ that determine how much nutrition you extract from the food you eat. Indeed they are essential for your body to make vitamin K, folic acid, B12 and biotin.

Put simply, it isn’t just what you eat, it’s what you absorb from what you eat that determines your health status.

In turn that depends on maintaining the right ratio of good ‘friendly’ bacteria to harmful bacteria in your gut.

The benefits of well-balanced intestinal ‘flora’

When your gut has many more ‘good’ bacteria than harmful bacteria, we sleep better, experience less bloating, our bowels are regular and response to allergies are normalised. (Probiotics have even been shown to reduce the severity of hay fever symptoms.)

Moreover, the reason that the right balance of probiotics can also reduce anxiety and depression is because we now know there is a clear mind/gut feedback loop.

So a ‘gut feel’ is literally your intestines communicating with your brain. And better gut health leads directly to better mental clarity and mood.

Gut health is central to overall health

This suggests that a probiotic supplement should be a very effective health booster. It can be – but you need to know:

  • There are many probiotic bacteria strains and each one has a different function in the gut. So a supplement with just one or two strains will not be as effective as one with multiple strains.
  • Additionally, each one of us has a different ‘microbiome’ population and will react somewhat differently to the different strains. For some people a probiotic supplement has a marked effect on weight loss – for others it’s far less noticeable.
  • Yoghurts are not effective probiotic supplements, because most are pasteurised (treated at high temperature) after the addition of the bacteria and the pasteurisation kills them. Just as antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria indiscriminately.
  • The key to an effective probiotic supplement is whether the strains can survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Only then can they reach your intestines to boost the numbers and ratio of good bacteria. Until the recent development of super-hardy probiotic strains, the fact is that few did survive.

From the above, you won’t be surprised that intestinal health is now a key frontier in medical research.

Probiotic supplements CAN make a real difference

We have produced a report on how probiotics can make a very real difference to your health. It answers:

  1. What strains work best?
  2. How many billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per day do you need?
  3. When should you use a probiotic supplement? (You don’t need one all the time.)
  4. What results can you expect?
  5. What health problems can it alleviate?
  6. Which foods naturally contain probiotics?
  7. Why should a probiotic supplement include a prebiotic. And what's the difference?

You can get this report here. Read it online, or download the pdf. We don’t even ask for your email address!

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