Why a multi-strain probiotic is better for you

Different strains of probiotic bacteria have slightly different functions. They also colonise different places along the digestive tract.

So probiotic supplements that contain multiple strains are more effective than products which contain very high concentrations of just one or two strains.

Moreover most strains work synergistically with each other to influence your health. So, beyond a certain number, more diversity of strains is probably more important than sheer numbers of probiotic bacteria.

We also know that some strains significantly benefit one person but not another. So having a wide variety gives you the best chance of the probiotic benefiting you.

By combining strains, a multi-strain supplement has the best chance of improving immune function, enhancing digestion, and controlling candida.

We also know that some strains create natural internal antibiotics, others help relieve IBD symptoms, and still others improve mood and may assist in weight control.

SUMMARY: Different strains have different effects, so a multi-strain probiotic is more effective.