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How to Use ImmunoShield

As a health supplement take one capsule per day. In times of particular stress, the dose may be increased to 2-3 capsules a day for up to a week.

Halve dose (break the capsules and tip out the powder inside if necessary) for children under 50kg in weight.

ImmunoShield is safe to take on a continuous basis, because the body's immune cells renew themselves every few days; therefore there is no risk of unwanted build-up or over-stimulation.

Daily immune booster

naturalAnyone who is concerned that their immune system is compromised can take 1 capsule of ImmunoShield every day.

Suitable for children, too, at reduced dosages depending on age.

Winter cold and flu season

flu2Take daily to protect against colds and flu in the winter season. Increase dose if you seem to be coming down with a cold or flu, in order to reduce the impact.

Use by front-line medical staff, teachers, commuters and office workers in confined spaces is particularly appropriate.

At times of flu pandemic

swine flu virusIn a potential pandemic situation, experts recommend that everyone takes steps to boost their immune system.


Before air travel or hospital stays

Take daily to prime the immune system prior to and during air travel, when there is risk of radiation exposure and a confined space with no fresh air for germs to spread.

Take daily in the weeks leading up to a hospital stay, to protect against risk of infection.

After intensive exercise

young woman runningAthletes can benefit from ImmunoShield to help recover from intense exercise, which can reduce immune function.



In other severe conditions

Consult with your doctor or health care professional to evaluate individual medical conditions that may benefit from higher doses. But check out the links below to further pages on this website: