Colin Rose is a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is the Founder and Director of Research and Innovation of Uni-Vite Healthcare and author of a recent book: Delay Ageing: Healthy to 100, where he reveals how to slow ageing and, therefore, help prevent later-life illness.

A safe and effective additional hay fever treatment

We have known for some time that 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans modulate the innate immune system and are especially useful against colds, flu and viral attacks. The supplement primes immune cells to respond more efficiently and in greater numbers to microbial and viral  challenges.

So I take ImmunoShield in the winter months.

But earlier this year, I was testing another exciting supplement. So, I stopped taking ImmunoShield for a couple of weeks, so as not to confuse results. Just the exact two weeks when I began to suffer badly from my very early annual hay fever, which is triggered by tree pollen.

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For me, hay fever manifests as very sore, dry, itchy eyes. Even taking antihistamines does little.

New study on beta glucans shows immune modulation helping hay fever

I reviewed a new report from researchers at Southampton, Dublin and Belfast Universities entitled β-1,3/1,6-glucans and Immunity: State of the Art and Future Directions. Link to reference

It confirmed, again, that Wellmune beta glucans – the main active ingredient in ImmunoShield – is effective in reducing respiratory infections (colds) in general and for children in particular. It is also effective in helping athletes recover from inflammatory body stress from intensive exercise – which often suppresses the immune system.

So far, so well known.

Then came the passage in the report that made me sit up.

“Allergic rhinitis (AR), commonly termed hay fever, is a leading cause of seasonal allergy symptoms and affects more than one-fifth of the adult population in Western Europe. AR is an inflammatory allergic reaction of the nasal mucosa that is in part driven by the overproduction of Th2 cytokines.”

In lay language, the immune system is over-stimulated, causing the allergic reaction.

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Beta glucans can help to activate OR de-activate the immune system

1-3, 1-6 beta glucans work by modulating – ie normalisingthe immune system.  So when it needs to be activated – in the case of a cold or flu – it responds by increasing immune cell activity.

IN COLDS AND FLU, beta glucans help to INCREASE immune cell activity

But the researchers tested whether it could do the opposite – ie. de-activate or reduce activity in an over-stimulated immune system – in this case hay fever. So, they deliberated triggered an allergic response in patients and conducted a 12-week trial.

IN HAY FEVER, beta glucans help to DECREASE over-stimulated immune cells

The results showed a significant decrease in symptoms. The report stated:

“The results showed significant reduction in total allergy symptoms and symptom severity, overall increased Quality of Life score and an improvement in global mood state and physical function.”

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1-3, 1-6 beta glucan

They also noted improvements in sleep, nasal symptoms, activity levels and emotional state. They suggested:

“Altogether, β-glucan could be considered as an adjunct to standard hay fever treatment, due to its robust alleviation of the exaggerated Th2 (Immune response) activity in hay fever patients”.

The report then concluded that:

"The most studied supplement is Wellmune®, which has been evaluated across the widest population range to reveal significant alleviation of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, allergic episodes and exercise- and age-related immuno-suppression”.

IMMUNOSHIELD worked for me!

So, could ImmunoShield normalise my over-stimulated immune reaction and relieve my hay-fever-driven dry itchy eyes?


I went back to ImmunoShield – in my case at 2 capsules a day initially. Within two days, my symptoms were significantly relieved.

So, from personal experience based on this study, I believe it is well worth you having ImmunoShield on standby if you are prone to hay fever at any time of the year.

ImmunoShield/Wellmune role in anti-ageing

ImmunoShield's Wellmune® Blend has been supported by peer-reviewed studies over many years.

When Wellmune® Blend is consumed, it is taken up in the body by the Peyer's Patches in the intestines. Immune cells called macrophages (located in the Peyer's Patches) break down the beta glucan into smaller fragments that bind to neutrophils, the most abundant immune cells in the body.

Primed by Wellmune® Blend, neutrophils and Natural Killer (NK) Cells are ‘first responder’ cells that move quickly to recognise and deal with foreign challenges.

You can see a video explanation on YouTube here:

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The impact of Wellmune on NK cells is important – because NK cells have a unique characteristic. They can detect when cells are dysfunctional even before those infected cells trigger antibodies or T cells. Therefore, NK cells are able to detect and kill early-stage tumour cells.

Perforin in the cell membrane can help remove 'zombie' or senescent cells

There’s more. Researchers have discovered a component of cell membranes called perforin. Link to reference. Perforin has an important role in immune response, but in particular it helps get rid of senescent cells – the so called ‘zombie cells’ that are a major factor in ageing.

See Clear zombie cells | NutriShield Comprehensive Health Supplements

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zombie cells

We now know that NK cells produce perforin – so activating NK cells causes perforin levels to increase and the number of senescent cells to decrease.

The pharmaceutical industry is now looking for drugs that increase perforin. Once again, a natural ingredient 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans can help do the same.

Exposure to stress reduces NK cell activity – so practising our simple daily relaxation technique is important too. 6 Steps to Instant Relaxation - NutriShield

ImmunoShield contains 250mg of Wellmune 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans per caplet. It is a completely safe, non-drug food health supplement. See more detail elsewhere on this site or click on the button.


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