The five health threats you must defend against

  1.  Chronic Inflammation that gradually builds up in body tissues. This is known to be a root cause of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and arthritis. But it’s only detectible through blood tests.
  2.  Damage to cells, DNA and mitochondria caused by excess free radicals. Damage to DNA can lead to cell mutations and cancer. Damage to your mitochondria – which turn nutrients into energy - accelerates ageing and is a cause of chronic fatigue.
  3.  Diminished DNA repair mechanism and faulty gene activation. This can allow cancer to develop and spread.
  4.  A weakened immune system that is less able to counter environmental threats and destroy mutant (potentially cancerous) cells
  5.  Restricted blood flow in compromised blood vessels leading to high blood pressure. This is caused by high blood fat levels and strongly linked to heart disease and stroke. If blood flow is restricted, the delivery of vital nutrients to the brain, eyes, heart, joints and skin is inevitably damaged. And illness, including sexual dysfunction, follows.

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