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Articles by Colin Rose

A  science graduate, member of the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He founded the learning skills company Accelerated Learning Systems and has written books on science, the psychology of learning, and health. He co-edited Dr Paul Clayton’s Health Defence.


The secrets of happiness

by Colin Rose

Why a bronze medal makes you happier than a silver Who doesn’t want to be happier? Yet how much time do you devote to what makes you really happy? I write on the science of staying well – and the following 6 ways to become happier are based, not just on centuries of wisdom, but […]

Avoid vision loss after 50

by Colin Rose

Clinical trials support use of food supplements To realise that you are beginning to lose your sight is a truly frightening experience. A condition called macular degeneration is the leading cause of loss of vision. And because it occurs most often after the age of 60, it’s usually referred to as Age-related Macular Degeneration – […]

The healthiest fats and oils

by Colin Rose

Coconut oil? Olive oil? Avocado oil? Butter? What’s the healthiest? Here’s the skinny on healthy fats. With such a range of oils and fats in the stores and conflicting advice – often from biased sources – choosing the healthiest is not easy. The 3 main criteria for healthy oil or fat choice are: The ratio […]

Articles by Dr Paul Clayton

A medical pharmacologist, past President of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine and a former member of the UK Committee on the Safety of Medicines. Health Defence is his best-selling book. Uni-Vite's range of nutritional health supplements has been created by this health scientist with a world reputation, and independently tested to have noticeable effects on your health.


Introduction to Health Defence

by Dr Paul Clayton

Very few people – perhaps 1 in 10,000 – die of old age. The vast majority of us sicken and die prematurely, picked off by ‘natural causes’ long before our biological life span has run its course. Average life expectancy in the First World is now around 79 years for men and 83 for women; but cell culture studies, and the very few individuals who live on healthily into their second century, indicate that our true life span may lie between 110 and 120. [...]

Safe and effective arthritis relief

by Dr Paul Clayton

Arthritis is portrayed as a rather simple disease. In fact there are several interlinked causes of arthritis. Once you understand them better, you’ll understand why some food supplements fail and why effective treatment and relief is really possible. It’s not age! The chances of suffering with osteoarthritis may increase with age, but it is clearly […]

What are the best all-in-one supplements?

by Dr Paul Clayton

What do you want from an all-in-one vitamin and mineral nutritional health supplement? To make sure you are not deficient in any important vitamin or mineral? A one-a-day A-Z supplement pill at 100% of the RDAs will do that. On the other hand deficiency diseases like scurvy and rickets are rare. Or do you want […]