10 extra years of good health – 35 years of research shows how.

Dr Paul Clayton is the former Chair of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine.

He has spent 35 years researching how you can live healthier, longer.

Originally a pharmacologist, Dr Clayton quit working for the pharmaceutical industry - because he came to realise that the focus of the drugs industry was fundamentally wrong.

Drugs are designed to help alleviate a health problem – but only once it has surfaced.
That’s too late. The personal side effects can be unpleasant or worse, and the national cost of treating ‘age-related’ illness in an ageing population is becoming unsustainable.

Surely it is better, he reasoned, to prevent these health problems from occurring in the first place.

The result of Dr Clayton’s decades of research was a best-selling book – called Health Defence. (And an invitation to present his findings to a Parliamentary Select Committee).

His conclusions in the book are based on literally thousands of peer-reviewed clinical trials and on analysing the nutritional intakes of the world’s longest lived and healthiest people.
But Health Defence is over 600 pages long and now his updated conclusions are summarised on an easy-to-follow one-page plan that you can get on this page.

The five health threats you must defend against

What Dr Clayton discovered – now fully supported by the latest medical science - was that just five main threats drive almost all the degenerative and ultimately fatal diseases.
These diseases include heart disease, stroke, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. (Frighteningly Alzheimer’s is now the leading cause of death in women over 60).

If you can defend yourself against these 5 threats
you reduce the risk of developing age-related disease.

And you will maintain good health for longer,
staying strong and mentally sharp to enjoy life to the full.

The five threats that you must defend against to stay healthy – and even reverse certain existing health problems are:
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→ Chronic Inflammation ←
→ Damage to DNA and mitrochondria 
→ A weakened immune system 
→ Faulty gene activation 
→ Restricted blood flow 

These five threats mean that your cells have a reduced capacity for proper regeneration, stem cells become exhausted, mutations increase and a variety of potentially fatal degenerative diseases take hold.

The result is also accelerated ageing.

We may be living longer, but it’s how you live those years that really matters.

Combining the best of the best

The diet that counteracts these five threats – and even helps slow the ageing process itself –corresponds with current dietary recommendations from The American Cancer Society, the British Heart Foundation and a major recent study from University College London.
It’s essentially what is called the ‘Mediterranean Diet’. But the challenge is that those recommendations call for up to 10 portions of fruits and vegetables a day - and 2-3 portions of oily fish a week.

Because only high intakes of vitamins, minerals and especially phyto-nutrients - (plant derived nutrients) - confer enough protection to help prevent premature illness.

Even then, there are other populations who also achieve extended health and longevity results – notably Japan and certain areas called Blue Zones.
Dr Clayton’s logic is that all these nutritional elements should be combine to create a ‘super-boosted’ diet. A diet that includes the most protective nutrients from the world’s healthiest diets.
He recognised, however, that such a diet is complicated and hard to stick to - even for conscientious people.
Dr Clayton’s answer is to supplement an already healthy diet - typically 5-a-day. That supplement needs to contain a full range of the most protective nutrients - including many plant bio-active nutrients.

The aim of the supplement is to ‘fill in the gaps’ and to help achieve the high blood levels of protective plant compounds that are so strongly linked to better health and longer life.

And indeed, to a younger appearance; because a healthy look on the outside is a function of healthy cells and active mitochondria on the inside.

The truth is that the diseases we call ‘age-related’ are not actually years-related – they are damage-related. If you prevent that damage – you stay healthy.

But research clearly shows that a simple multi-vitamin cannot do that.

Why ordinary one-a-day multi-vitamins are not effective... read more →

The best of the best supplement

- with over 100 approved health benefits

The supplement based on Dr Clayton’s huge analysis is called Nutrishield - because he designed the combination to help shield and defend against the long-term threats he and other scientists have identified.
It includes 43 clinical-grade nutrients packed into 6 separate caplets. Its purpose is to supplement an already good – eg 5-a-day diet – acting as a foundation for a nutrition-rich and healthy diet.

The vitamin and mineral caplet provides optimum levels designed to be therapeutic, not merely RDA, levels. There’s an Omega 3 capsule and four more caplets rich in the sort of plant micro-nutrients that nutritional science has identified as key to health. The ingredients are in high bio-available form.

Be aware, though, that with nutrition the whole is always more effective than the sum of the individual parts.
No one nutrient, however powerful, can bring you longer lasting health or protect you from illness – only a combination, taken over time, can create the synergy to maintain real health.
You’ve probably heard that you should ‘eat a rainbow’.

Nutrishield is a rainbow of powerful bio-active nutrients.

→ See the full Nutrishield formula here ←

What it means for you?

Nutrishield fulfils Dr Clayton’s criteria of delivering both short and long-term benefits.
Short term there are nutrients that help contribute to energy release, to healthy skin, hair and nails and to cognitive performance. This link summarises the many approved and immediate health benefits you could expect.

The long-term health benefits are, of course, in the future. So how do you know that the combination of nutrients in Nutrishield will really work for you?

The four-fold evidence

Firstly, Nutrishield is one of the very few supplements that have been subject to independent tests. They prove that Nutrishield has very significant anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory results at the cell level. You can see that proof here.
Secondly, there is a huge weight of research behind the overall concept and the individual ingredients. You can read a summary of these individual fully referenced benefits in the links above.
Thirdly, there is the positive testimony from the thousands of long-term Nutrishield customers. You can see just some of these testimonials here. Improved mood, mental sharpness, and feeling stronger are common themes.
Fourthly, Nutrishield – because it helps counteract the five basic causes of age-related illness - becomes a support for all-round health and longevity; for a healthy heart, for vision health, cognitive health, DNA integrity and joint health.

Of course, a healthy food diet is the first priority and nutrition is not the only factor. A study of over 14,000 healthy over 80’s in the USA confirms that some daily exercise (about 45 minutes), socialising and a moderate consumption of wine (up to two glasses a day) and even two cups of coffee a day, were common denominators.

You can read the one-page health plan based on Dr Clayton’s 35 years of research here.

If a comprehensive supplement that has both short and long-term benefits makes sense for you, then we hope you will try NutriShield.