A unique comprehensive health supplement ideal for over 50s, combining the most protective nutrients from the world’s healthiest diets.

How can you stay healthy into old age? Genes and lifestyle play a part, but nutrition is a major factor. Especially as certain nutrients can switch good genes on and bad genes off, and others protect DNA from damage. You’ll want to ensure you include them all in your diet, particularly if you are over 50.

You can with NutriShield Premium, the UK’s most comprehensive health supplement. In a convenient daily sachet, six different caplets contain 43 separate protective nutrients.

NutriShield Premium is a heart, brain, skin, joint and eye supplement ALL IN ONE.

NutriShield looks and is a very different health supplement

Scientifically classified as an “MDS” – Multi-ingredient Dietary Supplement and containing far more than an A-Z vitamin pill

  • Based on 35 years of research by leading health scientist Dr Paul Clayton
  • Taken by tens of thousands of people in the UK on a long-term basis over many years
  • Proven anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects in laboratory tests

The unique combination for your health

OPTIMUM LEVELS OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS ( including Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 )

The full range of essential vitamins and minerals at optimum levels, including 800IU Vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin) and Vitamin K2.

One-a-day supplements usually contain just the minimum recommended daily amounts (RDAs) of vitamins and minerals. But RDAs only prevent outright deficiency, while OPTIMUM levels can make a noticeable difference to health and energy.

Typical values per caplet % RDA/RNI
Vitamin A 800mcg 100
Vitamin E 55.5mg (83 IU) 462
Vitamin D3 20mcg 400
Vitamin C 500mg 625
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 7.5mg 682
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 7.5mg 536
Niacin as Nicotinamide (Vit B3) 24mg 150
Vitamin B6 7.5mg 536
Folic Acid (B9) 200mcg 100
Biotin (Vitamin B7) 150mcg 300
Vitamin B12 6.75mcg 270
Pantothenic Acid (B5) 11.25mg 187
Vitamin K 75mcg 100
of which Vitamin K1 50mcg
of which Vitamin K2 25mcg
Calcium 63mg 8
Magnesium 48mg 13
Zinc 10mg 100
Iodine 100mcg 67
Copper 1mg 100
Manganese 2mg 100
Selenium 150mcg 273
Chromium 120mcg 300
Molybdenum 40mcg 80
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High-strength Omega 3 Fish Oil

High-strength purified Omega 3 Fish Oil (high EPA/DHA) from sustainable sources. Omega 3 fish oil is important not just for heart health, but for joints and brain function.

Typical values per capsule % RDA/RNI
Fish oil 1000mg no RDA
of which
EPA 330mg
DHA 220mg
Other PUFAs 50mg
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Curcumin, Green Tea + more Flavonoids/Polyphenols from fruits and vegetables

Concentrated fruit and vegetable extracts, including CurcuminGreen Tea, Grapeseed and Bilberry.

Most of us find it hard to meet even the 5-a-day target for fruit and vegetables EVERY DAY, let alone more!

Typical values per caplet % RDA/RNI
Curcuminoids 250mg no RDA
of which
- Curcumin 175-200mg
- Demethoxy curcumin 37.5-62.5mg
- Bisdemethoxy curcumin 6.25-16.25mg
Green Tea Polyphenols 150mg no RDA
Grapeseed Flavonoids (procyanidins) 50mg no RDA
Seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum (marine polyphenols) 100mg no RDA
Black Pepper Flavonoids (piperine) 2.5mg no RDA
Bilberry Extract 10mg no RDA
- Anthocyanidins 2.5mg
Calcium 150mg 18.8
Magnesium 66mg 17
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Vitamin E Tocopherols + Carotenoids inc Lycopene, Lutein, Beta Carotene + CoQ10

This powerful capsule contains additional natural Vitamin E in the preferred, but rarely offered, form of mixed tocopherols. The specialist Carotenoids beta carotene, lutein (eye health) and lycopene (cell protection) are included too.

Co-Enzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is known to assist in the production of energy from mitochondrial cells and many studies have been conducted on its role in protecting the heart and cardio-vascular system.

Typical values per caplet % RDA*
Vitamin E 17.66mg (26IU) alpha TE** 147
provided by
Mixed Tocopherols 100mg
of which
d-alpha tocopherol 10.67mg (10.67mg alpha TE**)
d-beta tocopherol 1.83mg (0.73mg alpha TE**)
d-gamma tocopherol 59.51mg (5.95mg alpha TE**)
d-delta tocopherol 30.84mg (0.31mg alpha TE**)
Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg
Lutein 6mg
Lycopene 5mg
Beta carotene 7mg
Alpha carotene 0.2mg
Cryptoxanthin 49mcg
Zeaxanthin 42mcg
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Betaine + Magnesium

Betaine can help to lower homocysteine, high levels of which are linked to heart disease. Betaine also supports the nervous system.

Typical values per vege-capsule % RDA/NRV
Betaine hydrocholoride 450mg no RDA
Magnesium 91.5mg 24.4
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Glucosamine + Isoflavones

Glucosamine is involved in joint mobility. We use the preferred hydrochloride form rather than the much cheaper sulphate, AND it’s a vegetarian source.

Cell-protective Soy isoflavones genistein and daidzein (derived from GM-free soy) are linked to exceptional Japanese longevity.

Typical values per caplet % RDA/NRV
Glucosamine hydrochloride (vegetarian) 500mg no RDA
-- Glucosamine 415mg
Soy isoflavones 40mg no RDA
of which
-- Genistein 28.8mg
-- Daidzein 9.6mg
-- Glycitin 1.6mg
Calcium 85mg 10.6
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