Restore energy in your cells to help power a healthier you

NAD+ is the co-enzyme that is essential to creating energy in each one of your 37 trillion cells. But NAD+ declines as you get older – typically by about 50% by your late 50s.

Our patented Nicotinamide Riboside nutrient ingredient is proven in multiple studies to increase NAD+ and help you reverse that energy decline.

A natural plant nutrient called Apigenin can also slow the rate at which NAD+ is being consumed.

Apigenin is found in plant foods, but especially in dried parsley, chamomile and onions. But average daily intake is only 2-4 mg. The threshold to slow NAD+ loss is 30mg - ten times the average intake.

Uni-Vite’s combination of Nicotinamide Riboside + Apigenin is a unique, double action way to build back NAD+ levels, helping you counteract the effects of stress and time.

Maintaining energy in your cells is central to the health of every single organ – but none more so than your heart and brain. It can change the way you age.

Maintaining NAD+ levels might be one of the most effective ways
to increase overall health”

General Practitioner 2021

Safe and effective

Cellular energy powers every single one of your body’s functions - your heart, brain, muscles, immune system. Literally everything. So, maintaining that energy is central to health.

Mitochondria, within your cells, are where your energy is created.

But mitochondria become less efficient over time. Hence more frequent fatigue. That is directly linked to the decline in a vital co-enzyme called NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide).

Raising NAD+ levels can help restore those energy levels and has been proven to improve cognitive health, lower the risk of age-related illness and help reverse signs of ageing.

The unique combination of Nicotinamide Riboside with an optimum level of Apigenin (a plant food nutrient) significantly increases NAD+ and therefore the body’s available cellular energy levels.

Nicotinamide Riboside and Apigenin are approved as safe for use as food supplements by the European and US Food Safety Agencies.


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