Boost your Immune System Naturally

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Strengthening your immune system has become a real priority for everyone in the family – especially now we are running out of effective antibiotics. The threat is very real as the medical literature shows.“Drug-resistant superbugs represent one of the gravest threats in the history of medicine”. The Lancet“The effectiveness of lifesaving antibiotics is at risk. Many … Read More

Antibiotic crisis

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The antibiotic crisis: Could this be the end of modern medicine?The UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies recently warned:“… the rise in antibiotic-resistant diseases could trigger a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, pandemic flu or major coastal flooding.”She is on record as saying we could routinely see deaths from minor surgery … Read More

Age and immunity

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The aging process leads to a lower immune response capability.Health researchers believe that the aging process leads to a lower immune response capability. And a weakened immune system, in turn, leads to more infections, an increase in inflammatory related diseases (like heart disease and stroke), and more cancer. As life expectancy has increased, so too has … Read More

Beta glucan improves immune system

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Beta glucans are being hailed as nature’s most effective immune system activator. A complex carbohydrate fibre, once ingested it primes your body’s innate defences to respond swiftly against viruses, bacteria, parasitic and fungal infections, meaning you suffer less and recover faster from illness.